Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 fricken degrees

That's right, when I got in my car this morning and looked at the temp it was 9 degrees. I surveyed the Reno landscape blanketed in a frosty white coat of suck and thought "boy those bay area guys really have it rough with there 55 degrees and rain". Oh, you have to strap fenders on to get your 5 hour ride in, boo hoo. I'm limited to however long I can ride the rollers before wanting to ram my head into the wall from the boredom. I know the early season is going to suck and racing will be my training. Ehh, should be good by mid-season though.

On the brighter side the team is looking good for next year. A couple of guys that rip in crits, a skinny climber type, me being pack fodder :) and a youngin from Davis. Can't wait.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another year older, another year closer to masters

Some people my age look at 30 as a negative turning point in there life, something to be avoided not embraced. While I am not there yet I just turned 28 and this just means I am a little closer to 30 and that's a good thing. I want to be thirty(or at least a racing age of 30) it means I can go race Masters Nationals. I am really looking forward to chasing a jersey in the TT(RR and crit also). With that said the TT bike is done as well as the budget will allow:

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's been a bit.

Ok, so with the race season over I have slid the posting to the back burner but I'll add a couple new things. The new-ish TT bike is almost complete(pics coming soon) and a new flag to fly in the nor-cal race scene for me. It's not set in stone just yet but it is a small group of chill guys that just want to go out and race hard and race alot. No club that also have a team, no guys that like the idea of racing but do 1 race at the start of the season and disappear. Focused committed guys that rip. We wont be the biggest or stacked but I think it will be a lot of fun.

Next season should be fun, a full season without worring about upgrade points or class changes just racing, trying not to get dropped and working on my TT for nationals and next year('10 masters nationals).

Monday, September 29, 2008

Interbike crits.

Ending the season without a result but with my skin
In the 2/3 race there were just 20 finishers of 80 on the start list. Some of this was due to pulled riders not being placed but most of that was from crashes. I got absolutely destroyed by the heat(94 degrees at the start and baking asphalt) and tried one break off the front that didn't go anywhere. I just rode it in for 15 happy to stay upright.

The Industry cup was thankfully smaller than last year at 60ish(100+ last year). The guys that did the race last year said it was better this year cause people actually belonged there instead of the guy who races his bike one a year just showing up. That didn't stop the crashes though. On the very first lap, very first turn, a group of guys smacks the barrier and goes down splitting the field. I get in a group of 10 or so and we try to chase back on. A couple guys drop off and it is down to a group of 6 chasing a group of 30. The time gaps hold roughly the same every lap at 40 seconds to the front and 14 seconds to the tail of the main group. I don't think we are going to catch them but I really don't want to stop. One of the chasers clips a pedal and takes another guy out and now we are 4. Finally we get pulled with 6 laps to go still with the same time gap. I'm a little bummed they didn't let us ride it out since we weren't losing time and wont get lapped. Oh well, at least I left with all skin attached which is more than about 100 other guys can say.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

1 week left in the season. It's Vegas time.

Just a little bit longer. Hold it together. Only 7 days left in the competitive season till I can switch over to mind numbing(and toes, fingers, ears, etc. thanks to the cold) base miles for next year. Last up on the ticket it Interbike. Beer, go-go dancers, models paid to act interested as some toothpick guy drools at there feet while looking at new products, oh and some racing. First up is a 2/3 race with a ok purse that I hope to do well in. The course is in the parking lot of a hotel and dark. Super tight corners made lots of crashes last year. 2 hours later is the Industry cup. What is targeted as a chance for industry reps to bring a bike and throw down rapidly became a ringer show. Recognize this guy:

That's Mario Cippolini. Not sure if Cippo will race this year but a host of other guys who have funny colored bars on there sleeves will nake it fast and painful. Honestly I don't expect to do great in this especially after doing the previous race but I hope to get first retailer so I can nab a jersey.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Folsom Cyclebration Omnium

Stage 1 TT:
Kinda boring out and back on a bikepath/mup along side a canal. There were 3 steep short humps each direction that were suprisingly painful. It was also slightly uphill on the way out and mild headwind. I tried to positive split my power knowing this. Ended with a time around 21:30 for the 10 mile course and 5th in the p/1/2. My teammates went 3rd and 7th. I was feeling like a burnt match for the past couple weeks but after I downloaded my power file for the race I saw a 334av and 335np wattage which is pretty close to my best for the season so not to much to complain about.

Stage 2 crit:

For those of you who know the Nor-Cal area it was run on the Sierra Nevada crit course but backwards. We controled the race from the start. The three of us took turns going on attacks and picking up primes while the other two marked every move. I felt great. I was working hard but actually having a blast which was very different than the last p/1/2 races I did. Nobody wanted to bridge when every time they looked over they saw a blue streak. Finally my teammate Chris Lyman sitting 3rd in the omnium jumped with about 20 minutes to go(sooner than he wanted) and we covered. He stayed away to the end for his first p/1/2 win solo. Nice

Stage 3 circuit:

Rolling course in historic folsom across two bridges with a tight finish. Didn't really favor Chris so I just tried to keep it together and limit the losses. Joel Robertson of Sierra Pacific(3rd in the omnium) attack and I couldn't go with him due to my position. I thought the others had seen him go but never really asked them, oops. No one really wanted to chase and a group of three got away never to be seen again. We still pulled 2nd 6th and 8th in the omnium.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let the suffering continue: Dunnigan Hills RR

43 mile loops 86 total
The course was mostly flat with some rolling hills and freaking brutal cross winds. The officials announce there is a center line rule in effect for all but the final sprint. We all line up and Eric Wholberg attacks from mile 1. Bastard. Lots of jockeying and creative maneuvering ensues to grab wheels. the pack makes a right turn and it's time for the cross winds. The pack quickly echelons across the road with the majority of the pack over the yellow. Faced with two options either stay to the right of the yellow and blow up quickly or be a lemming, hop the line and get a draft. I opt for number 2.

Attacks continue to go and I suffer along with each of them. Still strung out across the road the moto was sitting right behind us and not saying anything yet. It was like cheating on a test with the teacher standing right behind you just waiting. Well finally the DQ's came but only to the riders that advanced a spot. Most of the time it was to close a gap a rider infront of the had created but thats what they decided.

Toward the close of the first lap we made a right onto a fast tailwind section and the pace got very high. Unfortunatly there was a wheel eating pothole in this section. A VOS ride manages to ride through the crater but as the tacoed wheel began to break spokes it finally gave way resulting in a horrible face plant. I hope he is alright. I got gapped by the crash and tried to chase back on with a couple other guys but it was a losing battle and we wern't working well together. I called it after the first lap when I stood up to strech out my back and my left knee started to hurt.

Monday, August 18, 2008

SuiSun Crit: Out with a bang in with a whimper

After winning my last crit as a 3 I upgraded and this was going to be my first race as a 2. I knew coming into it guys were going really fast right now and I have been clutching onto what little form I have since January. After another crash 2 weeks ago and being on the TT bike for Esparto last weekend I really couldn't get over the sketchy feeling around corners. I wasn't very comfortable before the start. Most of the p/1/2 field was rolling on the course before the race since there was suppose to be a kids race but nobody signed up.

Rolling past the start/finish I hear "10 minutes to the start" so we keep rolling. A couple more times through and I know it must be getting close so I'll stop on the next lap cause I want to start at the front.
As I round the last corner I see a wall of riders in front of me. Starting dead last.

Goals for the race:
Don't get dropped
don't crash
Don't get dropped
Oh and Don't get dropped

The race starts and it is strung out from the whistle and it hurts already. 72 laps to go. Don't get dropped. don't get dropped. I accept my fate as a tail-gunner for now since I am really uncomfortable and don't want to advance on the straights just to slow riders in the corners. Observations: The poor riding doesn't stop in the 3's its just faster in the 1/2. Biggest change isn't the speed but the duration that they maintain the speed. It wasn't much faster that the fastest times in a 3 race but instead of it being ballistic for a lap or two it was on for 71 of the 72 laps. I saw some stupid stuff that just defies logic. Also, you hear a lot of "hold your line","on you right","slowing" etc in a 3 race and none of that in the 1/2. You do hear and extreme amount of F-Bombs though

Well, the rest of the report is about the same. I just suffered greatly and finished with one of the most rewarding pack finishes I've had. I know I would have spent much less energy in the thick of the pack or off the front pushing for a break

Monday, August 11, 2008

Esparto TT

Well, after crashing last weekend and getting swamped with work I came into the TT with a whole 4 hours of riding this week and none of it on the TT bike. Great way to build up for my first 1/2 event, huh? I was relying on suffer memory. Just head down and push till its over. The course was 18 miles of flat to rolling with some wind and rough pavement. It was a small field so I knew it would be a top 15 finish so long as I didn't flat. I also knew Eric Wholberg from Symetrics was signed up so the winner was decided. Given my current state of fitness and sore backside I set a number of about 320w as a target. I went out to hard(like always) but was suffering along and keeping my minute man at around 40 seconds. I hit the turn around and was destroyed. Suffer home for 7th. If I was on good form like at districts I'm pretty sure I would have gotten 3rd or 4th.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Racing under the lights. So outclassed

So I was planning my races for the rest of the season and saw the invite only San Fransisco Twilight crit is also letting 1/2 riders apply for a spot. I contacted out Elite team leader and he knows the promoter and will reserve me a spot. Oh yeah, 100+ of the fastest guys in the country on a tight course in the dark. Good Times. This is the second to last round of the USA Crits series with the final being next month at Interbike which I'll be racing the 2/3 crit and the Industry Cup race thanks to the fine, fine guys at Fair Wheel Bikes in Arizona.


No, I'm not getting a fixed gear with a pad, doning some chick jeans and chopping down some flat bars. I mean the other kind of hippster. Yet another crash. It really is becoming comical at this point. Every time I have a desent string of results or form its met with another make-out session between the tarmac and I. In a race? Someone else crashed? Hell no. I crashed on a freakin Saturday training ride hitting a tiny patch of water in a roundabout. The resulting bellyflop took out the three guys behind me. Fortunatly they are seasoned racer and understand that this shit just happens but didn't make me feel any better about the situation.

I'm really getting tired of changing bandages and peeling VAC off this year.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Carson Valley Classic crit.

Downtown Minden, NV with perfect tarmac, wide course and not tech at all. I figured it was going to stay together and be a bunch sprint(which I hate) but fortune smiled upon me and the wind started blowing just before the start. About 20 minutes in to the 45 minute race a couple attacks had gone and no one really chased but they all came back. The pace was brisk but not super hard when Heath attacked and opened a little gap. I knew he has been riding strong after yesterday so I bridged up to him. I had another friend in the pack and he said as soon as I went the chase was instant. I got a gap and the pack started to close holding about 10-15 seconds. Heath didn't want to waste anymore energy and went back. I continued on solo while they chased. Stayed away for the remaining 25 minute solo and crossed the line about a minute up. It hurt but very satisfying after all the effort.

Diamond valley RR

Since it was the masters district championship my only option was the non-championship 3/4/5 category. Course was a 11 mile loop with one long downhill, one short steep climb(8-9%), one slightly longer shallower climb(5-6%) and gradual uphill to the line. Tons of wind and the climbs made it a tough race despite the short distance(44 miles). The first descent was the most scarred I have been in a bike race in a long time. People were seriously sketchy. The group broke up after the first climb and at the end of the first lap Greg Remaly(pro-tri guy super freak) broke away in the feed zone taking one passenger never to be seen again. I tried a couple bridge attempts but they were to little to late. I ended up stuck on the front at 8mph and nobody would come around me. I waited as long as I could but knew I couldn't hold off the group sprinting from the front uphill and into a headwind. 7th on the day

Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting it over with. leesville/vacaville

Ok I have avoided it long enough and my rage and distain for leesville has subsided enough to briefly report.

Leesville RR:
Last year I swore never to return to Leesville. The road surface is so bad it makes copperopolis look like fresh tarmac. You actually look forward to the gravel sections cause they are smoother than the patched bone rattling surface the California DOT calls asphalt. Last year I flatted on the first major climb and chased for 50 miles of suck. Fast forward one year and just long enough to convince myself that I was blowing it out of proportion and "It couldn't have been that bad, could it?" Yes it was, Yes it is, Yes it will be. This year I flatted just before the climb and chased for 55 miles. FUCK THIS RACE. I'M NEVER GOING BACK!

Vacaville crit:
Nice course, downtown vacaville with some twisty corners and a fair sized hill. The laps were long due to the course so we were slatted for 16 total. With 6 to go I got in a break with a strong Davis kid(chris stazny) and we were working well together. Both of us were in the chase yesterday at leesville so not really fresh but were holding solid. So ass from fusion and another guy(neither of which had a teammate in the sprint) decided to blow everything pulling the pack back up to us and we got caught with 1/2 a lap to go. I still say it's better to try and fail then sit and wait.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

6 mile canyon TT- uscf

Why would someone who hates climbing sign up for an uphill TT?
Well, still not sure. Maybe it is for the love of suffering, maybe because there was nothing better to do and it was a uscf sanctioned race in our own backyard. Whatever the reason I drug my butt out the door at 7 ready to suffer, massivly suffer.

The climb was just a bit under 6 miles with an average of 6% which sounds placid enough until you ride it and it is a nice rolling 3ish percent grade for the first 4.5 miles and then the climbing starts. 1 and a quarter miles with a gain of 880ft or over 12%. Ouch. Total time of 26:19 almost 3 minutes down from the winner and 5th in the elite open.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boca RR Twilight#5

Exercising the demons from the Rue I finally finished a race without crashing on it.

Due to the Nor-Cal fires blowing smoke eastward(yeah, like California doesn't flush enough crap our way already) it was like racing in downtown Mexico city. Smoke be damned all the local hitters showed to preserve there standings in the points series or just to dish out a little pain. Team Clover lined up with there 4 super riders as usual. I didn't want to have another bunch sprint and risk going down again so I decided I was either going off the front out out the back trying. about a mile into it Jason Walker and a couple others attacked and I bridged up to him. a group of about 10 was rolling and everyone seemed to want to work hard to stay away. I kept the pace high on the flats and suffered in the hills. After each hill I would chase back on, recover and repeat.

The break was established and going to stick so the last couple miles were attack after attack trying to get something to stick. Chad Timmerman jumped and got a good gap taking Milad in tow but Milad wouldn't work with him so they just dangled 10 seconds in front of us. I decided I would try one last effort front about 200m out and caught the pair but got passed by Jason at the line. It was a ferocious 970w sprint where I have done over 1300 previously. Oh feel the power. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Napa Gran Prix: holy lot-o-turns Batman

5 90 degree turns and 1 crazy sharp P turn set on just a couple block in down town Napa it was super tight and fast. I got there at about 7:15 for my 1pm race since it was being hosted in part by Zteam I got volunteered to course marshall. Nothing like standing around for 4 hours in the 100 degree heat prior to your race. The benefit to this was watching many races and seeing how the course played out.

The race started and I got clogged up in some riders when one guy couldn't clip in. Shuffled to the back it was a giant surge out of each corner to keep contact. A teammate(super strong sprinter) made it into the first break so I decided to just tail gun it and move up as needed and wait to see if the break came back. Guys kept dropping off and making gaps so I felt it was time to move toward the front. The break came back and just as it did I jumped with an attack. There were still 10 laps to go and I opened up about 15 seconds. Got down as low as possible and gutted it out. I managed to hold my gap and rolled across the line solo for the win. My teammate took the field sprint for a 1-2 finish. Good Times

Monday, June 16, 2008

Nevada City Classic

Feeling even less confident after yesterdays outing I lined up for the Nevada city classic with a giant pipe wrench twisting away my insides. I had heard so much of this course and the relentless suffering to be had if you didn't miscalculate the turn and end you day even faster.

The Course:
Downtown Nevada city. The start/finish line sits about 200m from the infamous downhill 90 degree corners. The course is billed as one of the hardest races in california and in a pain/minute ratio I think it is. All the suffering of an all out time trial with the puckering of a 40-50mph off camber series of 90s. When your not going down hill at 40+ your climbing. It's not the steepest or longest but you start climbing it in the big ring no problem for most of the race but as it wears you down(or atleast me) I became increasingly more dependant on the small ring for all but the downhill and flater sections.

I wanted to hit the corner at least once before the start of the race but no chance. There was very little time inbetween races. The race promoter ran such a tight ship. It was a fantastic race to attend or participate in. Well the race started and I'm still scared by the turn so I figure the best thing I can do is go to the front and hit it clean with no riders in front of me to get a better look at it. The first time through feels very scetchey so I decided to look for a clean line again on the second lap by drilling it up the hill. I stayed away for a couple laps and took a prime that I didn't even hear rung. Turns out to be a $100 cash prime. Nice. The damage was done to both myself and the pack as it was now only 15 remaining and I dangled off the back of it. Fighting the whole time I couldn't recover and ended up 13th. Spencer from The RenoWheelmen solo'd off the front to a well earned win.

Sierra Nevada Crit

Great weather, great pavement but about as boring as they get in crit courses. Flat, 2 corner(d shaped) meant a bunch spring was almost eminent. Still trying to shake the heebie geebies from my recent string of bad luck I really didn't feel like riding around for 50 minutes just to try and sprint at the end. This is bullshit racing, your not Boonen or Benatti grow some stones and take a risk to animate the race. That being said I decided to try a couple breaks but nothing stuck. Won a prime and the most aggressive rider award.

The SierraNevada/Specialized crew put on a great race though. Its the little things like free drinks on a hot day and music playing that make a race fun to go to. Although, who gives away extra large t-shirts as primes. Were freakin bike racers, none of us wear and extra large. Whats up Betonte.

Monday, June 9, 2008

District TT and the HealthNet rocket

Goal for the race sub 55 minutes.

Yesterday was the District time trial for the Northern Califonia/Nevada area in Sattley Ca which is about 25 miles north-west of truckee. Driving to the start I was already writing this off after looking at the start list containing a plethora of Cat1's and a Pro. The temp on the dash read 30 degrees on the drive there adding to my less than enthusiastic start to the day. I was racing the elite mens's open since there wasn't a E3 catagory. Arrive, setup, get number and get ready. The Temp warmed to a tropical 50 degrees(those crack pot scientists and there global warming claims can suck it) and up to a tollerable 57 by my start.

I tried to pace off my power meter and not go out to hard which I am notorius for doing. It was a slight head wind on the way out and tailwind comming back. Just before the turn around the guy starting a minute and a half back of me Roman Kluin caught me and passed. Damn pros. He would eventually put the stick beating to the whole field and 3 minutes on me in route to setting a new course record.

My steed was an uber slick borrowed P3C that I had been riding for about a week and did the cold springs TT on so I though I had it dialed in. Turns out I didn't. Around mile 19 my inner thighs were blazing and my calves cramped. Pedaled through but it hurt really bad. Final time was 52:26 for 6th. It was 5 minutes faster than my time from last year and 13 minutes faster than the year before but I still wanted to atleast get in the top 5 so I'm not exactly stoked about the result.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Golden state crit & Cold Springs TT

Ok so its been a bit but here is the recap:
Golden State crit:
It was snowing over the I-80 summit and a guy pulling a trailer was forced with the option of smashing into the back of a semi or running me into the concrete barrier. He choose the later and my car got quickly redecorated. Bastard. Well it still drove straight so we continued on to the race. We get into Sacramento and its raining. I walk over to reg and see plenty of riders with that "oh my hip hurts" look on their faces and black marks on their bibs. It was a super slick course and guy crashing alot early on. About 10 minutes before the start I decided to tempt the karma gods once again and go ahead and race. Not more than 3 turns into our race was the first crash. I chose to sit at the back and just ride it out from a safe watching distance and keep it upright. On the last two laps there was a lull and the racer in me decided I couldn't just ride it home. I started moving up and hesitated just a moment to long on the last lap missing chance to move up far enough and settled for 10th.

Cold Springs TT 14m:
As usual for Cold Springs it was a windy suffer fest. I have a P3c on loan from a friend for the district TT and wanted to get one last form check on it before the weekend. I went out way to hard and popped after the first lap(of 2).
NP total 322w
NP for lap 1 was 336w 14:32
NP for lap 2 was 310w 15:37

Hopefully I can pace it a little better for this weekend. No delusions of grandeur just hoping to go under 56 minutes.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh that polished tarmac feeling. I know it well.

Twilight Series #4
Boca RR

Big group coming down to the line+single lane sprint= yeah you can figure that one out.

The pace going up the hills was slow and the group stayed together. Coming into the finish with a group of about 30 and everyone thinking they can take the win. Mark T went up the outside with chad in tow. I was starting to sit up since it looked like a disaster waiting to happen. Bubba cut across scott ferguson's wheel to jump onto chad as they go by and Scott winds up sideways in the road and goes down. Nowhere to go but straight into them. Tuck, Roll, Cuss and done. Rashing on both hips and shoulders but nothing bad. Small crack in the helmet so its junk.
Hope Scott and Shawn heal quick since they got it much worse than I.

3rd crash of the season. 1 was all me and the other 2 were just shit luck.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a jackass. oh THIS is the bell lap. Gottcha.

Modesto Crit:
Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
It was in the upper 90's for the start and over 100 at the end. The course was actually a pretty cool L shape in downtown Modesto. About 15 minutes into the race the pace was rather slow and as they rang the first prime bell a guy picked up the pace(not sprint)going for the prime. I rolled around him and told him to keep it going. He was gassed after the effort and I was off the front. Now this is usually a good thing but with the heat it was much sooner than I wanted to be. I put my head down and drilled it for about 10 minutes and got up to about 30 seconds on the field but could feel the heat enveloping me. I saw a couple guys working to bridge so I sat up to wait for them. The selection established with about 15 guys, I sat in and tried to keep cool and felt fresh toward the end. I picked my wheel and fired off the one good sprint I had left for the finish only to hear the bell ring. Shit. 1 lap to go. I tried to hold the gap I had but got caught and settled for 11th. What a jackass.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Twilight Series #3 Fernley circuit race

This course is usually nothing but a sufferfest for me with a steep hill that zaps the steam out of me every lap. Unfortunately the draw of racing on a closed course with perfect pavement and a ripper downhill turn is too much to resist.

This time it was a little different than usual, for the first time the wind was rather mild out in Fernley. All the normal super studs lined up including 4 of team Clover. I tried a couple attacks early on but nothing was happening and eventually sat in and tried to hang on to the tail of the group as it whittled down lap after lap each time up the hill. With 2 to go the lead group was down to about 12 and Bubba takes a flyer off the front. With 3 teammates(and arguably the 3 strongest remaining in the front group) left in the pack no one really wanted to chase. As we approached the hill for the last time Bubba was only a handful of seconds up on the group but I lacked the legs to bridge to him. I struggled to keep contact and found myself chasing back on most of the time. About a mile from the finish Micah and Norman jumped from the group and I sat. clover started to real them in a little and they had about 5-10 seconds on the group coming into the final straight. I got on Mark's wheel and then started my sprint from way to far back but was able to hold it long enough to catch the two up the road and hold it to the line for 2nd. Bubba took a well deserved first for staying away for almost two laps.

1st Bubba
2nd Me
3rd Chad
4th Micah
5th Mark
Looking back at whats left of the group to see who is going to come around me

Realizing nobody is.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

No races and nice weather = ride yourself into the ground

Without anything on the schedule, mostly thanks to my procrastination registering(or trying to) for Berkeley Hills RR, I had free rein to ride myself into the ground this week. Saturday was a nice 6.5 hours, followed by a nice roll around Sunday morning watching Megan run her first race, a half marathon(12th in her category, nice!) and a couple more hours later. Monday brought another couple hours of intensity and then the Tuesday night worlds for yet another smasher. Finish it off with a couple hours last night with intensity and you get a TSS of just under 1400 for the week. Legs feel like junk today but in a good way.

This weekend looks like a couple more longer days followed by some major suffering getting dropped at Boca on tuesday and then recovering for Modesto RR/crit.

Here's hoping the warmer weather is actually here to stay. No only if we could get rid of these stupid earthquakes.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boca RR

Freakin burrrr. 40 degrees and windy. 24 mile loop of rollers and 3 good climbs.
Not all to surprising was getting dropped on the wall and having to chase. The pack was small due to the weather and not being a points race so the lead group of 5 stayed away and I chased with three others. It was down to Jason Walker and I in the sprint for 6th in a near track stand. Rolling along at 5mph marking each other and waiting to make a move. I started to jump, he jumped and came around me and I quickly got on him and sprinted in earnest. Opened up a couple lengths at the line and 1350w on frozen legs. It hurt. I looked at the data afterwards and was surprised that I got dropped hard averaging 393w(163lbs) going up the wall. They were just better than I, a lot.
Boca RR :
Duration: 1:04:51
Work: 1079 kJ
TSS: 109.7 (intensity factor 1.008)
Norm Power: 312
Distance: 23.58 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1346 277 watts
Heart rate: 0 68 0 bpm
Cadence: 33 124 93 rpm
Speed: 0 42.9 21.8 mph

Monday, April 28, 2008

UNR 1/2/3 crit Bad jou-jou from the start

Came home to race the UNR crit instead of staying to do Wente crit. The course was changed from last year and not for the better. They added a 120ish degree off camber turn at the bottom of a hill. It was a crash fiesta. I had a close call pre-riding the course before the start and that should have been my first indicator. All told I think there were somewhere around 20 crashes in that corner.


Riding aggressive:

Wente Road Race

I learned a valuable lesson today, don't assume feed zone is a neutral feed. I only took two bottles to start the race and after the first lap a teammate asked to borrow some of my water and got dropped shortly after. I wound up race almost 70 miles in warm temps with lots of climbing on slightly more than 1 bottle. Last time up the finish hill I was begging for some water from anyone to no avail. Suck. Lesson learned for next time.

Twilight Series #2 Aircenter crit

With 6 Clover riders in attendance and all of them strong enough to roll off the front and never be seen again I decided to make sure if any of them went off the front to go with them till after the second points prime. Three of the are in the top 5 in points after the first round. I took 2nd in the first points prime and 1st in the second points prime. I got boxed out in the final sprint when a guy didn't hold his line and pushed me wide into the curb. Hard effort and a NP of 315w.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twilight Series #1 Franktown TT

The points rounds started tonight for the Nevada twilight series with a TT at Franktown. Another cold night like Cold springs but this time there was almost no wind. Course is a rolling loop with one mild climb. A sure sign that race season is in the swing when the super beasts start rolling out and laying down uber fast TT's. I slotted in for 3rd in the A's behind Chad Timmerman and Buckley both master's district TT champs. I was about 40 seconds off the mark but that was after a chain drop on the hill costing me a little time.

In a true display of better riding through science a buddy finished 18th overall with a respectable time but on an amazingly low 200w average. Truly making the best with what he had to work with.

1 110 Michael Buckley A 00:16:44 27.79 0:00:00
2 112 Chad Timmerman A 00:16:47 27.71 0:00:03
3 106 Josh Rennie A 00:17:29 26.60 0:00:45
4 108 Mark Trujillo A 00:17:39 26.35 0:00:55
5 109 Bubba Melcher A 00:17:48 26.12 0:01:04

Monday, April 14, 2008

So Close yet so far. Bye Bye 2 upgrade

Madera Stage Race:
Stage 1 tt:
Felt like crud and the heat was really getting to me. It was a really drastic change coming from low 40's to mid 80's at the start. I had two other teammates in the 3's and I knew one was going to rip up the TT and one wasn't. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. I knocked my power sensor as I was rolling to the start so I didn't have power or cadence just speed. I went out to hard and was sitting on about 30.5 mph on the first leg. I somewhat popped and struggled to hold 26-27 for the rest. As This was a VeloPromo race we wouldn't find out results till 9pm that night but I knew we had at least 2 guys in the top 5.

Stage 2 crit:
Goal was to keep it together and chase/up the pace as needed, wait for the TT results. Pack finish and no gaps.

TT results are in
Teammate in 1st and I'm in 4th on GC

Stage 3 RR: Let the Suck begin!!!!!
All I had to do was finish with the pack to get my GC placing and my points needed for 2 upgrade. I get a flat in the first 10 miles. The third teammate gives up a wheel and I'm off again. Back to the TT position and chase my way back on. Round the corner at about 15 seconds back and hear that familiar sound. PPPSSSSSSSSSSSS. Second rear flat and no wheel support. Bye Bye GC and Points. Only positive was my teammate held on for the GC win.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cold Springs TT

Primary Goal: Form check before Madera
Secondary Goal: Win

Well I did both but I found out my form sucks and I should have been riding the TT a lot more. The conditions sucked something fierce. Windy, cold and snowing great time to wear as little as possible and drill it as hard as you can. My SRM battery dies cause I forgot to charge it but power was around 330w best I could tell for a time of 15:40.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I skipped racing for this

Stayed home this weekend instead for racing Wards Ferry RR to take it a little easy and get ready for Madera stage race. One thing leads to another and were doing hard efforts up geiger grade and then hitting up the weekly drop ride. A little over four hours later I was home and feeling pooped. It would have been much less effort to go racing.
To top it all off my left knee is now feeling like my right one. Arrg. Tomorrow is the first twilight of the season, Cold Springs TT. It's only a lap and I was going to use it to check my form, now not sure.

Entire workout (214 watts):
Duration: 4:09:55
Work: 3214 kJ
TSS: 354.3 (intensity factor 0.922)
Norm Power: 277
VI: 1.29
Distance: 81.27 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1396 214 watts
Speed: 0 48 19.5 mph

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Patience Daniel son.

Should have learned from Mr. Miagi.

Rohne von Brisbeen
Day 1 crit:
Course was right on the water in Brisbane. It was a rather technical course with a 180, couple narrow sections and lots of wind. I tried a couple times to get away since breaks were succeeding all day but nothing doing. I wasn't given any room to roam. Not sure if it was just me or bad timing since other were given a little more freedom on both days. I sat in the group and tried to push the pace as to get rid of some of the pack in the wind. Last lap I was about 5 wheels back coming into the 180 when a rider tried a kamikaze dive and crashed right in front of me. Lost tons of ground and ended 12th.

Day 2 circuit:
Up. Down. Up. Down. Repeat ad nauseum and that is the circuit. Even windier today and I felt really bad while warming up. My legs felt heavy and not willing to go. I think the 4 hours of drivingbetween the trip home and back again might have something to do with that. I told my teammate I was going to try and get a break going since every time I tried to sprint my left calf cramped. I guess I underestimated how I was feeling cause in hindsight if I had enough energy to try 5 efforts in a break I had enough to try one good one up the hill the last time. Live and learn.

Quick data from the srm gave me a NP of 315 for the crit and 325 for the circuit. At least it was good training for Madera in two weeks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring has sprung

So I skipped on the on race I was most looking forward to (Copperopolis) due to a fear that my still bruised knees wouldn't hold out for 4+ hours of smashing and instead opted to ride locally. This gave me the chance to hop on the weekend drop ride for the first time this year. What blissful suffering it was. Ah I miss that hypoxia feeling. Ride mainly consists of cat 1s and 2s who even rolling off the couch can dirt stomp me into the ground. Good times. Almost the whole ride spent in zone 3 or 4 and launching attacks off the front for no other reason than just because others will hurt to respond. Spring is finally here.

Rohne van Brisbeen omnium this weekend.
Quicky von Quick Quick

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ZteaM going big for the TOPA

ZteaM gets an invite to the Tour of PA which is getting billed as the u-25 tour de france. $150k on the line in payouts and two California teams get selected, ZteaM and Cal Giant Strawberry.

Copy of the cyclingnews.com release:

Nine-time Tour de France rider Frankie Andreu has joined ZteaM as directeur sportif during the cycling organization’s quest to win a place on the podium during the 2008 American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania, presented by Highmark Healthy High 5. ZteaM is an American national cycling club supporting the growth of masters, elite, and youth cycling through club riding and racing. The group is funded by national and regional sponsors, and its own members. ZteaM regional chapters operate independently with a focus on supporting youth cycling programmes in their areas.
Andreu, recently a director with Rock Racing, will lend his expertise and support to the bicycling organization, which was chosen as one of only 20 groups to compete in the Pennsylvania event.
Andreu will work along side ZteaM’s elite team leader, Christian Kearney, to prepare racers for the American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania, the very first Tour de France-style “espoir” race in the United States. Espoir, which means hope in French, denotes the race is for up-and-coming riders under the age of 25. Over 60 teams vied to get into the Tour of Pennsylvania, but ZteaM was one of only 20 teams chosen to participate. The event will be televised around the world and is being dubbed as “the Tour de France for young riders.”
“ZteaM is all about building the cycling community through its support for youth and developmental cycling and has also built a strong sense of camaraderie for the members and the public,” Andreu said. “They have the right vision and model to build a successful program where young riders can benefit greatly.”
Andreu retired from racing at the end of 2000 after a 12-year professional career. During his racing career, he also represented the United States in two Olympic games and once was captain of US Postal. Andreu is now a commentator for Versus TV and can be seen alongside Phil Liggett and Bob Roll during the Tour de France each summer.
“Frankie is doing this more or less pro bono because he is very supportive of our entire developmental effort and he is interested in our quest for a full continental pro team in 2009 or 2010,” said Hunter Ziesing, ZteaM’s founder. “We are honored and very appreciative that we have one of the most experienced riders in the world to lead us.”

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ah yes, first race on the new bike. It was a great day for suffering with temp in the low 40's and 30mph cross winds,I love racing in this stuff. Cracking 90 other guys and looking at the suffering on the faces in the break makes me smile. Until that is a guy decides he cant hold his line in the wind and takes my wheel out. After polishing the tarmac with my hip I get up and look everything over. The bars twisted a little but all looks OK so I ride out the next 8 miles and call it a day. I get home and do a more thorough look over. Front wheel is knocked out of true, levers are a little scraped up, cracked helmet and then this little surprise on the underside of the top tube. Looks like its just a surface chip in the paint but way to break in the new rig.
Nate rode a fantastic race to win the E3 category and Brian won the E4. Good day for Zteam. I felt fantastic and really had fun with the suffering in that race until the crash. Now the knees are banged up again and I have a nice raspberry on my hip(I'll save burning your eyes with that pic). This weekend is definitely the hardest race of the year for me at Copperopolis, hope I can be ready.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Throw me a frickin bone here

Well the lungs are about back to normal and the knee is around 75% so its time to go racing again!! Oh wait, whats that you say mister weatherman? Rain, wind and cold weather this weekend in Sac town, Surprise, Surprise. Oh well. I really wouldn't expect anything less at this point. I think the Govenator lied about it being sunny California. On the bill for the soggy rain soaked weekend is Land Park crit on Saturday and Zamora road race on Sunday. Definite plus is this is the closest set of races this season.

Land park is so safe that people get bored and start crashing just to spice things up. Zamora is a wide open course that is basically rolling with a 1k hill around 6%. The course is about 10 miles and we only have to do 5 laps for the 3's so even if it is wet and windy it shouldn't be more than 2.5-3 hours in the muck.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christmas in March

Finally the ordeal is over. The new bike is here and done. On the same day it arrived my new back-up race wheels showed as did my powermeter back from SRM service.

Just about over the cold and knee issues and now its a race to regain some form before next weekend. I have a crit and a road race next weekend and then races every weekend for 2.5 months. If nothing else I will be racing my way into shape :D

The Frame is beautiful to look at and rides very nice. Handling is similar to my old bike which is no surprise since I had the builder use much of the same measurements. The ride is smoother and much stiffer without rattling my kidneys out. The new wheels, wow, they are awesome for a basic budget build. They are Niobium 30's/DT Aerolites and DT 240 hubs. The ride is fantastic. They are quiet, stiff and and smooth. I am so impressed with them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

February to forget but hopefully Good Friday

After a month of disappointment after disappointment stemming fro the flu, back to back colds, a stomach bug, inflamed tendons in my knees and delays on my frame I as happy to lock the extended month of February away and never see it again. The glass isn't half empty or full, it tipped over.

[couple water drops in the cup]
Cold is finally going away and the weather has warmed slightly.
[couple more drops]
Frame is back on its way to me just a mere 47 days past the delivery day
[and more]
SRM PCV died at Mendocino and I feared the worst but it looks to be a coincidence and just a dead battery, on its way back. Both it and the frame should be here Friday and hopefully a new set of wheels I ordered.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Uhg! Get your belgium gutter racer on.

Camp turned into back-to-back death marches on the northern California coast. Day one was a planned 128 mile 11000+ feet of climbing ride. Every one rallies in the kitchen and to eat and leave as soon as possible to hopefully beat the storm rolling in. It was very windy at the start and lightly raining. We cram extra gear in the follow car and roll out. About 20 minutes into it the heavens open up and the rain comes in, then sleet, then snow over one of the passes. It was horrible but something you just tuck away in the back of your mind to be pulled out during a later race and think I am tougher, I can suffer through this.

Even seasoned hardcore racers didn't want to ride on day two but Doug Shapiro(3rd American to ever ride the tour and a Zteam member) gave an inspirational talk the night before about training, racing and riding in the shite when others wont. Collectively everyone looked at each other and it was this silent agreement of "Fuck, now we have to go ride tomorrow". It was only 3 hours but that was more than enough. Treacherous descents marred with falling red wood branches, leaves and debris along with the sheets of rain and 40 mph gusts would make Boonen happy to go back to Belgium

Highs and lows of the weekend:
1. We have some insanely strong guys
2. SRM's do not like torrential down pours
3. No crashed or flats for me, good times!
4. All that time in the rain and cold does not help when you are still battling being sick, suck.

Both from the start of the ride before the crap started falling

Thursday, February 21, 2008

One time at cycling camp....

Off for a mini camp this weekend in sunny warm Mendocino, oh wait nope it's forcasted for rain, rain and more rain. Ah yes nothing like a 6 hour sufferfest daily to spread teamy goodness(or contempt). Well, here is hoping for good weather and not becoming road kill after my couple week hiatus. 100+ mile days + no rides over 1 hour in the past 2 weeks = good times!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Norland Crit. Breakaway fiesta

Raced the Norland Crit this weekend and for the Nor-Calers it is the same course as Apple pie last year. It was a chilly 40 something degrees and foggy at the start. My first race of the day was the 3/4 crit and a healthy field of 60 something riders given there was several other races going on this weekend.

Pace was mild for most of the race. I had the goal of just sitting in and riding it out since I have still been sick for two weeks now. About 25 minutes in I looked up the road and saw another Reno local who is very strong had rolled off the front and the pack let him go. I decided to go for it knowing he was more than strong enough to stay away if I got up there clear.
Bridged up to him and were holding about 10 seconds with 2 laps to go when they stopped the race due to a crash. They told us they would restart us with an 8 second lead and 2 laps to go. Great. It was off like a gun and drill it for the last two laps to hold off a fresh group. Stayed away and got out sprinted at the end for 2nd. Picked up 5 more point toward an upgrade.

35+ended in a 5 man break away

2/3 Break away lasted till the last lap. Ended up 15-20 or so in this one.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WoHoo!!! New bling on the way

I ordered a new frame a couple months ago from Brent Ruegamer at ruesports.com and finally Brent has my frame done sanded and ready for paint. I cant wait. It will be custom painted but I didn't want anything to wild so this is the sketch I gave him to go from.(done in mspaint so back off on the low quality)

Actual will follow in about a week. Hopefully!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Flu 1 Me 0

So the Flu won the first round. Just couldn't pedal for long enough to justify 7 hours worth of driving to go to cherry pie. The bug still isn’t gone but getting better. Doc now has me taking zythromax instead, no wonder they call it a practice.

On the bright side I did get out for a bit today in the sun with no knee warmers or arm warmers (always a good sign in February). Threw in some form sprint to see if my lungs would hold out and they did. 5 sprints more focused on repeatability rather than maximal power. 1 max power sprint as an ego check has me sitting around 18.5w/kg for 5 sec power, which I am very happy with given current state of training and the bug. I'm headed to Santa Rosa for two crits this weekend and then a mini camp in Mendocino the following. Should be fun if I can get healthy by then.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Damn it not now!

The weather is finally warming up. The snow is melting enough to expose the bike lanes again. It's a tropical 50 degree which feels very warm compared to the 17 degree mornings we have had. And then there I am hacking up things that science couldn't even explain. Son of a bitch. Yep got the flu. Suck.

Doc gave me some ridiculously expensive pills (tamiflu) and I'm hoping to at least have some lung capacity by this weekend for Cherry Pie.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

How to make a winter ride just a little bit better

Rolled on down for the saturday morning ride and nobody was there. Not all to suprised when its 29 degrees, windy and more snow predicted today. Just as I'm getting ready to roll out solo a woman says she's here for the ride also and she's getting ready real quick. She comes back over ready to roll and its Katerina Nash from the Luna Pro mtn bike team. Cool chick and oh so strong. Last summer we had a local mtb TT she showed up to and beat me by 8 minute in a one hour climb.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I think I almost made it onto Cops.

Nothing like coming out of your house and getting greeted with 7 cop cars. In true leave um hanging fashion when asked what was going on they simply gave their best Officer Barbrady impersonation.

To keep this on topic it's only one week till the real start of the Nor-Cal racing season with some sweet sweet cherry pie. Move over wine sipping yuppies, there's bikers coming to Napa. Ok well we aren't that intimidating in our little helmets, clicky shoes and spandex.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Started on a hot streak and came up snake eyes in Vegas

Stage 1: Pre rode the course in the morning not so much to scout but boredom since my TT did not start until almost 4. Course was a mostly flat out and back with a slight bowl shape and it was warm by my standards a 51 degrees and a little windy. I was rather nervous since I hadn’t had any intensity or good riding in the past month but turned in a 24:37 for the 20K and took the lead in the 3's

Stage 2: It's pretty much all down hill from here out. Stage 2 was a basically flat, very wide, safe crit course. Not the kind of race I would expect to see any time changes save the bonuses on the line. They were running late all day and had no gaps between races so as soon as the 35+ race was over I rolled up to the line. The head referee told me we had 10 minutes so I turned around, hopped back on the curb and my trainer. We start to line up again and 5 riders number are called out, mine being one of them. Referee says we rode backwards on the course and were going to be penalized by starting late and having to chase. Race starts and we chase back on quickly and the pace is rater slow. The first lap ends and someone yells out "they have 25 seconds". WTF, who has 25 seconds? A break went about 5 seconds into the race and I never saw it. I wasted tons of energy at the front attempting to limit the losses but all in vain; I lost a minute to the winner and now sit in 2nd place on GC and 12 seconds down. Tomorrow’s stage is a killer with 7k feet of climbing in just 54 miles. I am now only hoping to hold on to a top 10 overall.

Stage 3 I came, I saw, they destroyed. By the turn around after the first climb and decent the initial 40 was down to 24. Started back up and cracked few more. 1st on GC didn't make it so I was the only real threat left and the attacks started to come. It pitches up to 17% about a mile from the top(then flattens with about 1/2 mile to go) the group was now 12 and I just slipped off the back as it flattened out. I jammed it on the down hill to close the gap and got on just as the repeat on the climb started. Made it about half way with the group and popped. I settled in and just rode it home at my highest sustainable pace. After cresting the top is 10 miles of downhill. 12th on the day and dropped to 10th on GC. It was a true Belgium sufferfest. Rain, 40+ mph wind gusts, wash outs and pot holes. Hindsight says I should have sat in yesterday and let the loss be whatever it was going to be to save for today.

Positives: Got to ride without arm warmers or leg warmers for one day

Won my first race of the season even if it was a TT

Kept it rubber side down and came home will all skin attached

Negatives: Everything else

Monday, January 21, 2008

Yeah, you to mother nature!

With just 3 days till I leave for a nice 8 hour car drive to get to my first race of the season and desperately needing to get some outside riding in(more for mental clarity than preparation) mother nature decides to throw this little curve ball in.

Its off to the trainer for me. Hamster wheel-o-suffering I know thee to well.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cross race?

Nope, that's just winter riding in Reno. Sand, rain, snow, sleet. This stuff is suppose to may you tough right? Oh well, still beats riding the trainer. Sun is out now and hopefully much nicer weather tomorrow. Leaving for the Southern Nevada Stage race in two weeks so I hope I can get some better training in.
Data from the little box that rules every ride says my sprint number are OK but threshold sucks.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Damn Winter

Well my first post on this Blog is going to be a whinny rant. (good times! you might want to just skip this blog) I am really getting sick of winter. We had about a foot of snow last weekend the roads still suck. The only saving grace I have had was a friend loaning me some videos to pass the time on the trainer.

If this movie doesn't energize you to go ride then nothing will. An hour and a half on the trainer usually is enough to make me want to ride straight into the wall but it flew by.