Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twilight Series #1 Franktown TT

The points rounds started tonight for the Nevada twilight series with a TT at Franktown. Another cold night like Cold springs but this time there was almost no wind. Course is a rolling loop with one mild climb. A sure sign that race season is in the swing when the super beasts start rolling out and laying down uber fast TT's. I slotted in for 3rd in the A's behind Chad Timmerman and Buckley both master's district TT champs. I was about 40 seconds off the mark but that was after a chain drop on the hill costing me a little time.

In a true display of better riding through science a buddy finished 18th overall with a respectable time but on an amazingly low 200w average. Truly making the best with what he had to work with.

1 110 Michael Buckley A 00:16:44 27.79 0:00:00
2 112 Chad Timmerman A 00:16:47 27.71 0:00:03
3 106 Josh Rennie A 00:17:29 26.60 0:00:45
4 108 Mark Trujillo A 00:17:39 26.35 0:00:55
5 109 Bubba Melcher A 00:17:48 26.12 0:01:04

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