Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring has sprung

So I skipped on the on race I was most looking forward to (Copperopolis) due to a fear that my still bruised knees wouldn't hold out for 4+ hours of smashing and instead opted to ride locally. This gave me the chance to hop on the weekend drop ride for the first time this year. What blissful suffering it was. Ah I miss that hypoxia feeling. Ride mainly consists of cat 1s and 2s who even rolling off the couch can dirt stomp me into the ground. Good times. Almost the whole ride spent in zone 3 or 4 and launching attacks off the front for no other reason than just because others will hurt to respond. Spring is finally here.

Rohne van Brisbeen omnium this weekend.
Quicky von Quick Quick

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ZteaM going big for the TOPA

ZteaM gets an invite to the Tour of PA which is getting billed as the u-25 tour de france. $150k on the line in payouts and two California teams get selected, ZteaM and Cal Giant Strawberry.

Copy of the release:

Nine-time Tour de France rider Frankie Andreu has joined ZteaM as directeur sportif during the cycling organization’s quest to win a place on the podium during the 2008 American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania, presented by Highmark Healthy High 5. ZteaM is an American national cycling club supporting the growth of masters, elite, and youth cycling through club riding and racing. The group is funded by national and regional sponsors, and its own members. ZteaM regional chapters operate independently with a focus on supporting youth cycling programmes in their areas.
Andreu, recently a director with Rock Racing, will lend his expertise and support to the bicycling organization, which was chosen as one of only 20 groups to compete in the Pennsylvania event.
Andreu will work along side ZteaM’s elite team leader, Christian Kearney, to prepare racers for the American Eagle Outfitters Tour of Pennsylvania, the very first Tour de France-style “espoir” race in the United States. Espoir, which means hope in French, denotes the race is for up-and-coming riders under the age of 25. Over 60 teams vied to get into the Tour of Pennsylvania, but ZteaM was one of only 20 teams chosen to participate. The event will be televised around the world and is being dubbed as “the Tour de France for young riders.”
“ZteaM is all about building the cycling community through its support for youth and developmental cycling and has also built a strong sense of camaraderie for the members and the public,” Andreu said. “They have the right vision and model to build a successful program where young riders can benefit greatly.”
Andreu retired from racing at the end of 2000 after a 12-year professional career. During his racing career, he also represented the United States in two Olympic games and once was captain of US Postal. Andreu is now a commentator for Versus TV and can be seen alongside Phil Liggett and Bob Roll during the Tour de France each summer.
“Frankie is doing this more or less pro bono because he is very supportive of our entire developmental effort and he is interested in our quest for a full continental pro team in 2009 or 2010,” said Hunter Ziesing, ZteaM’s founder. “We are honored and very appreciative that we have one of the most experienced riders in the world to lead us.”

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ah yes, first race on the new bike. It was a great day for suffering with temp in the low 40's and 30mph cross winds,I love racing in this stuff. Cracking 90 other guys and looking at the suffering on the faces in the break makes me smile. Until that is a guy decides he cant hold his line in the wind and takes my wheel out. After polishing the tarmac with my hip I get up and look everything over. The bars twisted a little but all looks OK so I ride out the next 8 miles and call it a day. I get home and do a more thorough look over. Front wheel is knocked out of true, levers are a little scraped up, cracked helmet and then this little surprise on the underside of the top tube. Looks like its just a surface chip in the paint but way to break in the new rig.
Nate rode a fantastic race to win the E3 category and Brian won the E4. Good day for Zteam. I felt fantastic and really had fun with the suffering in that race until the crash. Now the knees are banged up again and I have a nice raspberry on my hip(I'll save burning your eyes with that pic). This weekend is definitely the hardest race of the year for me at Copperopolis, hope I can be ready.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Throw me a frickin bone here

Well the lungs are about back to normal and the knee is around 75% so its time to go racing again!! Oh wait, whats that you say mister weatherman? Rain, wind and cold weather this weekend in Sac town, Surprise, Surprise. Oh well. I really wouldn't expect anything less at this point. I think the Govenator lied about it being sunny California. On the bill for the soggy rain soaked weekend is Land Park crit on Saturday and Zamora road race on Sunday. Definite plus is this is the closest set of races this season.

Land park is so safe that people get bored and start crashing just to spice things up. Zamora is a wide open course that is basically rolling with a 1k hill around 6%. The course is about 10 miles and we only have to do 5 laps for the 3's so even if it is wet and windy it shouldn't be more than 2.5-3 hours in the muck.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christmas in March

Finally the ordeal is over. The new bike is here and done. On the same day it arrived my new back-up race wheels showed as did my powermeter back from SRM service.

Just about over the cold and knee issues and now its a race to regain some form before next weekend. I have a crit and a road race next weekend and then races every weekend for 2.5 months. If nothing else I will be racing my way into shape :D

The Frame is beautiful to look at and rides very nice. Handling is similar to my old bike which is no surprise since I had the builder use much of the same measurements. The ride is smoother and much stiffer without rattling my kidneys out. The new wheels, wow, they are awesome for a basic budget build. They are Niobium 30's/DT Aerolites and DT 240 hubs. The ride is fantastic. They are quiet, stiff and and smooth. I am so impressed with them.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

February to forget but hopefully Good Friday

After a month of disappointment after disappointment stemming fro the flu, back to back colds, a stomach bug, inflamed tendons in my knees and delays on my frame I as happy to lock the extended month of February away and never see it again. The glass isn't half empty or full, it tipped over.

[couple water drops in the cup]
Cold is finally going away and the weather has warmed slightly.
[couple more drops]
Frame is back on its way to me just a mere 47 days past the delivery day
[and more]
SRM PCV died at Mendocino and I feared the worst but it looks to be a coincidence and just a dead battery, on its way back. Both it and the frame should be here Friday and hopefully a new set of wheels I ordered.