Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a jackass. oh THIS is the bell lap. Gottcha.

Modesto Crit:
Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.
It was in the upper 90's for the start and over 100 at the end. The course was actually a pretty cool L shape in downtown Modesto. About 15 minutes into the race the pace was rather slow and as they rang the first prime bell a guy picked up the pace(not sprint)going for the prime. I rolled around him and told him to keep it going. He was gassed after the effort and I was off the front. Now this is usually a good thing but with the heat it was much sooner than I wanted to be. I put my head down and drilled it for about 10 minutes and got up to about 30 seconds on the field but could feel the heat enveloping me. I saw a couple guys working to bridge so I sat up to wait for them. The selection established with about 15 guys, I sat in and tried to keep cool and felt fresh toward the end. I picked my wheel and fired off the one good sprint I had left for the finish only to hear the bell ring. Shit. 1 lap to go. I tried to hold the gap I had but got caught and settled for 11th. What a jackass.

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