Thursday, June 26, 2008

Boca RR Twilight#5

Exercising the demons from the Rue I finally finished a race without crashing on it.

Due to the Nor-Cal fires blowing smoke eastward(yeah, like California doesn't flush enough crap our way already) it was like racing in downtown Mexico city. Smoke be damned all the local hitters showed to preserve there standings in the points series or just to dish out a little pain. Team Clover lined up with there 4 super riders as usual. I didn't want to have another bunch sprint and risk going down again so I decided I was either going off the front out out the back trying. about a mile into it Jason Walker and a couple others attacked and I bridged up to him. a group of about 10 was rolling and everyone seemed to want to work hard to stay away. I kept the pace high on the flats and suffered in the hills. After each hill I would chase back on, recover and repeat.

The break was established and going to stick so the last couple miles were attack after attack trying to get something to stick. Chad Timmerman jumped and got a good gap taking Milad in tow but Milad wouldn't work with him so they just dangled 10 seconds in front of us. I decided I would try one last effort front about 200m out and caught the pair but got passed by Jason at the line. It was a ferocious 970w sprint where I have done over 1300 previously. Oh feel the power. :D

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