Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Patience Daniel son.

Should have learned from Mr. Miagi.

Rohne von Brisbeen
Day 1 crit:
Course was right on the water in Brisbane. It was a rather technical course with a 180, couple narrow sections and lots of wind. I tried a couple times to get away since breaks were succeeding all day but nothing doing. I wasn't given any room to roam. Not sure if it was just me or bad timing since other were given a little more freedom on both days. I sat in the group and tried to push the pace as to get rid of some of the pack in the wind. Last lap I was about 5 wheels back coming into the 180 when a rider tried a kamikaze dive and crashed right in front of me. Lost tons of ground and ended 12th.

Day 2 circuit:
Up. Down. Up. Down. Repeat ad nauseum and that is the circuit. Even windier today and I felt really bad while warming up. My legs felt heavy and not willing to go. I think the 4 hours of drivingbetween the trip home and back again might have something to do with that. I told my teammate I was going to try and get a break going since every time I tried to sprint my left calf cramped. I guess I underestimated how I was feeling cause in hindsight if I had enough energy to try 5 efforts in a break I had enough to try one good one up the hill the last time. Live and learn.

Quick data from the srm gave me a NP of 315 for the crit and 325 for the circuit. At least it was good training for Madera in two weeks.

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