Thursday, September 18, 2008

1 week left in the season. It's Vegas time.

Just a little bit longer. Hold it together. Only 7 days left in the competitive season till I can switch over to mind numbing(and toes, fingers, ears, etc. thanks to the cold) base miles for next year. Last up on the ticket it Interbike. Beer, go-go dancers, models paid to act interested as some toothpick guy drools at there feet while looking at new products, oh and some racing. First up is a 2/3 race with a ok purse that I hope to do well in. The course is in the parking lot of a hotel and dark. Super tight corners made lots of crashes last year. 2 hours later is the Industry cup. What is targeted as a chance for industry reps to bring a bike and throw down rapidly became a ringer show. Recognize this guy:

That's Mario Cippolini. Not sure if Cippo will race this year but a host of other guys who have funny colored bars on there sleeves will nake it fast and painful. Honestly I don't expect to do great in this especially after doing the previous race but I hope to get first retailer so I can nab a jersey.

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