Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting it over with. leesville/vacaville

Ok I have avoided it long enough and my rage and distain for leesville has subsided enough to briefly report.

Leesville RR:
Last year I swore never to return to Leesville. The road surface is so bad it makes copperopolis look like fresh tarmac. You actually look forward to the gravel sections cause they are smoother than the patched bone rattling surface the California DOT calls asphalt. Last year I flatted on the first major climb and chased for 50 miles of suck. Fast forward one year and just long enough to convince myself that I was blowing it out of proportion and "It couldn't have been that bad, could it?" Yes it was, Yes it is, Yes it will be. This year I flatted just before the climb and chased for 55 miles. FUCK THIS RACE. I'M NEVER GOING BACK!

Vacaville crit:
Nice course, downtown vacaville with some twisty corners and a fair sized hill. The laps were long due to the course so we were slatted for 16 total. With 6 to go I got in a break with a strong Davis kid(chris stazny) and we were working well together. Both of us were in the chase yesterday at leesville so not really fresh but were holding solid. So ass from fusion and another guy(neither of which had a teammate in the sprint) decided to blow everything pulling the pack back up to us and we got caught with 1/2 a lap to go. I still say it's better to try and fail then sit and wait.

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