Sunday, March 9, 2008

Christmas in March

Finally the ordeal is over. The new bike is here and done. On the same day it arrived my new back-up race wheels showed as did my powermeter back from SRM service.

Just about over the cold and knee issues and now its a race to regain some form before next weekend. I have a crit and a road race next weekend and then races every weekend for 2.5 months. If nothing else I will be racing my way into shape :D

The Frame is beautiful to look at and rides very nice. Handling is similar to my old bike which is no surprise since I had the builder use much of the same measurements. The ride is smoother and much stiffer without rattling my kidneys out. The new wheels, wow, they are awesome for a basic budget build. They are Niobium 30's/DT Aerolites and DT 240 hubs. The ride is fantastic. They are quiet, stiff and and smooth. I am so impressed with them.

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Steve Weixel said...

Very nice... lets see it with some Reynolds or ACs on there. I'll be up your way again probably for Copperopolis, Orosi, snd Hanford.