Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh that polished tarmac feeling. I know it well.

Twilight Series #4
Boca RR

Big group coming down to the line+single lane sprint= yeah you can figure that one out.

The pace going up the hills was slow and the group stayed together. Coming into the finish with a group of about 30 and everyone thinking they can take the win. Mark T went up the outside with chad in tow. I was starting to sit up since it looked like a disaster waiting to happen. Bubba cut across scott ferguson's wheel to jump onto chad as they go by and Scott winds up sideways in the road and goes down. Nowhere to go but straight into them. Tuck, Roll, Cuss and done. Rashing on both hips and shoulders but nothing bad. Small crack in the helmet so its junk.
Hope Scott and Shawn heal quick since they got it much worse than I.

3rd crash of the season. 1 was all me and the other 2 were just shit luck.

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