Monday, March 17, 2008

Ah yes, first race on the new bike. It was a great day for suffering with temp in the low 40's and 30mph cross winds,I love racing in this stuff. Cracking 90 other guys and looking at the suffering on the faces in the break makes me smile. Until that is a guy decides he cant hold his line in the wind and takes my wheel out. After polishing the tarmac with my hip I get up and look everything over. The bars twisted a little but all looks OK so I ride out the next 8 miles and call it a day. I get home and do a more thorough look over. Front wheel is knocked out of true, levers are a little scraped up, cracked helmet and then this little surprise on the underside of the top tube. Looks like its just a surface chip in the paint but way to break in the new rig.
Nate rode a fantastic race to win the E3 category and Brian won the E4. Good day for Zteam. I felt fantastic and really had fun with the suffering in that race until the crash. Now the knees are banged up again and I have a nice raspberry on my hip(I'll save burning your eyes with that pic). This weekend is definitely the hardest race of the year for me at Copperopolis, hope I can be ready.

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