Monday, July 28, 2008

Diamond valley RR

Since it was the masters district championship my only option was the non-championship 3/4/5 category. Course was a 11 mile loop with one long downhill, one short steep climb(8-9%), one slightly longer shallower climb(5-6%) and gradual uphill to the line. Tons of wind and the climbs made it a tough race despite the short distance(44 miles). The first descent was the most scarred I have been in a bike race in a long time. People were seriously sketchy. The group broke up after the first climb and at the end of the first lap Greg Remaly(pro-tri guy super freak) broke away in the feed zone taking one passenger never to be seen again. I tried a couple bridge attempts but they were to little to late. I ended up stuck on the front at 8mph and nobody would come around me. I waited as long as I could but knew I couldn't hold off the group sprinting from the front uphill and into a headwind. 7th on the day

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