Sunday, September 14, 2008

Folsom Cyclebration Omnium

Stage 1 TT:
Kinda boring out and back on a bikepath/mup along side a canal. There were 3 steep short humps each direction that were suprisingly painful. It was also slightly uphill on the way out and mild headwind. I tried to positive split my power knowing this. Ended with a time around 21:30 for the 10 mile course and 5th in the p/1/2. My teammates went 3rd and 7th. I was feeling like a burnt match for the past couple weeks but after I downloaded my power file for the race I saw a 334av and 335np wattage which is pretty close to my best for the season so not to much to complain about.

Stage 2 crit:

For those of you who know the Nor-Cal area it was run on the Sierra Nevada crit course but backwards. We controled the race from the start. The three of us took turns going on attacks and picking up primes while the other two marked every move. I felt great. I was working hard but actually having a blast which was very different than the last p/1/2 races I did. Nobody wanted to bridge when every time they looked over they saw a blue streak. Finally my teammate Chris Lyman sitting 3rd in the omnium jumped with about 20 minutes to go(sooner than he wanted) and we covered. He stayed away to the end for his first p/1/2 win solo. Nice

Stage 3 circuit:

Rolling course in historic folsom across two bridges with a tight finish. Didn't really favor Chris so I just tried to keep it together and limit the losses. Joel Robertson of Sierra Pacific(3rd in the omnium) attack and I couldn't go with him due to my position. I thought the others had seen him go but never really asked them, oops. No one really wanted to chase and a group of three got away never to be seen again. We still pulled 2nd 6th and 8th in the omnium.

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