Thursday, June 5, 2008

Golden state crit & Cold Springs TT

Ok so its been a bit but here is the recap:
Golden State crit:
It was snowing over the I-80 summit and a guy pulling a trailer was forced with the option of smashing into the back of a semi or running me into the concrete barrier. He choose the later and my car got quickly redecorated. Bastard. Well it still drove straight so we continued on to the race. We get into Sacramento and its raining. I walk over to reg and see plenty of riders with that "oh my hip hurts" look on their faces and black marks on their bibs. It was a super slick course and guy crashing alot early on. About 10 minutes before the start I decided to tempt the karma gods once again and go ahead and race. Not more than 3 turns into our race was the first crash. I chose to sit at the back and just ride it out from a safe watching distance and keep it upright. On the last two laps there was a lull and the racer in me decided I couldn't just ride it home. I started moving up and hesitated just a moment to long on the last lap missing chance to move up far enough and settled for 10th.

Cold Springs TT 14m:
As usual for Cold Springs it was a windy suffer fest. I have a P3c on loan from a friend for the district TT and wanted to get one last form check on it before the weekend. I went out way to hard and popped after the first lap(of 2).
NP total 322w
NP for lap 1 was 336w 14:32
NP for lap 2 was 310w 15:37

Hopefully I can pace it a little better for this weekend. No delusions of grandeur just hoping to go under 56 minutes.

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