Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Uhg! Get your belgium gutter racer on.

Camp turned into back-to-back death marches on the northern California coast. Day one was a planned 128 mile 11000+ feet of climbing ride. Every one rallies in the kitchen and to eat and leave as soon as possible to hopefully beat the storm rolling in. It was very windy at the start and lightly raining. We cram extra gear in the follow car and roll out. About 20 minutes into it the heavens open up and the rain comes in, then sleet, then snow over one of the passes. It was horrible but something you just tuck away in the back of your mind to be pulled out during a later race and think I am tougher, I can suffer through this.

Even seasoned hardcore racers didn't want to ride on day two but Doug Shapiro(3rd American to ever ride the tour and a Zteam member) gave an inspirational talk the night before about training, racing and riding in the shite when others wont. Collectively everyone looked at each other and it was this silent agreement of "Fuck, now we have to go ride tomorrow". It was only 3 hours but that was more than enough. Treacherous descents marred with falling red wood branches, leaves and debris along with the sheets of rain and 40 mph gusts would make Boonen happy to go back to Belgium

Highs and lows of the weekend:
1. We have some insanely strong guys
2. SRM's do not like torrential down pours
3. No crashed or flats for me, good times!
4. All that time in the rain and cold does not help when you are still battling being sick, suck.

Both from the start of the ride before the crap started falling

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