Thursday, May 15, 2008

Twilight Series #3 Fernley circuit race

This course is usually nothing but a sufferfest for me with a steep hill that zaps the steam out of me every lap. Unfortunately the draw of racing on a closed course with perfect pavement and a ripper downhill turn is too much to resist.

This time it was a little different than usual, for the first time the wind was rather mild out in Fernley. All the normal super studs lined up including 4 of team Clover. I tried a couple attacks early on but nothing was happening and eventually sat in and tried to hang on to the tail of the group as it whittled down lap after lap each time up the hill. With 2 to go the lead group was down to about 12 and Bubba takes a flyer off the front. With 3 teammates(and arguably the 3 strongest remaining in the front group) left in the pack no one really wanted to chase. As we approached the hill for the last time Bubba was only a handful of seconds up on the group but I lacked the legs to bridge to him. I struggled to keep contact and found myself chasing back on most of the time. About a mile from the finish Micah and Norman jumped from the group and I sat. clover started to real them in a little and they had about 5-10 seconds on the group coming into the final straight. I got on Mark's wheel and then started my sprint from way to far back but was able to hold it long enough to catch the two up the road and hold it to the line for 2nd. Bubba took a well deserved first for staying away for almost two laps.

1st Bubba
2nd Me
3rd Chad
4th Micah
5th Mark
Looking back at whats left of the group to see who is going to come around me

Realizing nobody is.

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