Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boca RR

Freakin burrrr. 40 degrees and windy. 24 mile loop of rollers and 3 good climbs.
Not all to surprising was getting dropped on the wall and having to chase. The pack was small due to the weather and not being a points race so the lead group of 5 stayed away and I chased with three others. It was down to Jason Walker and I in the sprint for 6th in a near track stand. Rolling along at 5mph marking each other and waiting to make a move. I started to jump, he jumped and came around me and I quickly got on him and sprinted in earnest. Opened up a couple lengths at the line and 1350w on frozen legs. It hurt. I looked at the data afterwards and was surprised that I got dropped hard averaging 393w(163lbs) going up the wall. They were just better than I, a lot.
Boca RR :
Duration: 1:04:51
Work: 1079 kJ
TSS: 109.7 (intensity factor 1.008)
Norm Power: 312
Distance: 23.58 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 0 1346 277 watts
Heart rate: 0 68 0 bpm
Cadence: 33 124 93 rpm
Speed: 0 42.9 21.8 mph

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