Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let the suffering continue: Dunnigan Hills RR

43 mile loops 86 total
The course was mostly flat with some rolling hills and freaking brutal cross winds. The officials announce there is a center line rule in effect for all but the final sprint. We all line up and Eric Wholberg attacks from mile 1. Bastard. Lots of jockeying and creative maneuvering ensues to grab wheels. the pack makes a right turn and it's time for the cross winds. The pack quickly echelons across the road with the majority of the pack over the yellow. Faced with two options either stay to the right of the yellow and blow up quickly or be a lemming, hop the line and get a draft. I opt for number 2.

Attacks continue to go and I suffer along with each of them. Still strung out across the road the moto was sitting right behind us and not saying anything yet. It was like cheating on a test with the teacher standing right behind you just waiting. Well finally the DQ's came but only to the riders that advanced a spot. Most of the time it was to close a gap a rider infront of the had created but thats what they decided.

Toward the close of the first lap we made a right onto a fast tailwind section and the pace got very high. Unfortunatly there was a wheel eating pothole in this section. A VOS ride manages to ride through the crater but as the tacoed wheel began to break spokes it finally gave way resulting in a horrible face plant. I hope he is alright. I got gapped by the crash and tried to chase back on with a couple other guys but it was a losing battle and we wern't working well together. I called it after the first lap when I stood up to strech out my back and my left knee started to hurt.

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