Sunday, June 22, 2008

Napa Gran Prix: holy lot-o-turns Batman

5 90 degree turns and 1 crazy sharp P turn set on just a couple block in down town Napa it was super tight and fast. I got there at about 7:15 for my 1pm race since it was being hosted in part by Zteam I got volunteered to course marshall. Nothing like standing around for 4 hours in the 100 degree heat prior to your race. The benefit to this was watching many races and seeing how the course played out.

The race started and I got clogged up in some riders when one guy couldn't clip in. Shuffled to the back it was a giant surge out of each corner to keep contact. A teammate(super strong sprinter) made it into the first break so I decided to just tail gun it and move up as needed and wait to see if the break came back. Guys kept dropping off and making gaps so I felt it was time to move toward the front. The break came back and just as it did I jumped with an attack. There were still 10 laps to go and I opened up about 15 seconds. Got down as low as possible and gutted it out. I managed to hold my gap and rolled across the line solo for the win. My teammate took the field sprint for a 1-2 finish. Good Times

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