Monday, June 16, 2008

Sierra Nevada Crit

Great weather, great pavement but about as boring as they get in crit courses. Flat, 2 corner(d shaped) meant a bunch spring was almost eminent. Still trying to shake the heebie geebies from my recent string of bad luck I really didn't feel like riding around for 50 minutes just to try and sprint at the end. This is bullshit racing, your not Boonen or Benatti grow some stones and take a risk to animate the race. That being said I decided to try a couple breaks but nothing stuck. Won a prime and the most aggressive rider award.

The SierraNevada/Specialized crew put on a great race though. Its the little things like free drinks on a hot day and music playing that make a race fun to go to. Although, who gives away extra large t-shirts as primes. Were freakin bike racers, none of us wear and extra large. Whats up Betonte.

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