Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twilight #2 Air Center crit

I attacked from the go and the 3 wild cherries/cyclepaths guys had the same plan quickly making it group of 4 with a gap. 2 of them were still stinging from hard efforts last weekend at sea otter and didn't hang around. Nate and I kept trading pulls and held on to a tentative gap. Next up came Buckley and Matt Ream. They rang the bbell for a powerbar prime(which they were also giving out free before the race)and Matt went for it. The three of us continued to work together and leave Matt. Bubba came across and the 4 of us worked very well together and no one jumped the primes, just rotated through and whomever was on the front took it(As it should be in a break). Buckley started the attacks on the back side of the last lap and bubba was quick to jump on him. I calmly moved onto his wheel and waited. I should have countered and not give him a chance to wind it up to speed but that is hindsight. Bubba kept going and going and going and finally I tried to make a pip at the line with a bike throw but missed it by half a wheel. Amazing he can win races never getting out of the saddle at 39mph, what a diesel.

Hats off to Bubba though, he earned it.

Race#1 1st
Race#2 2nd with a first and third in the points primes

Good start to the series

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twilight Series #1 Franktown ice TT

The first race of the twilight series started yesterday and in true Reno fashion it was 70 last weekend, almost 80 this weekend but yesterday saw wind, snow and temps in the low 30s. Prefect weather for a time trial ehhh.

The course is nice and quite with very little traffic. The outward leg is about 3 miles of flat to slight downhill followed by a right and rolling hills to the finish. With a tail wind on the way out I was humming along at 35+ to the turn. Needing to break for the turn I realized I cant feel my finger anymore. As I started to head into the wind and uphill I began to thaw out and felt like they were on fire. Suffer till the end and ended with a time of 16:49 I think which is good for the course but I wanted more. Oh well Next Tuesday is the aircenter crit.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Napa Gp

Why would we knowingly sign up for a course that is unanimously thought to be sketchy as hell and has tons of crashes, well, cause we(bike racers) are all a little twisted in the melon.

Napa GP is .8k with 5 turns and a funky 160 degree P turn which has plenty of extra coating by the end of the afternoon from all the fresh skin donations. A Time Pro took off on the 2nd lap never to be caught again and I was still trying to find my lungs from a recent illness. It was fast but not crazy, the real damage was sprinting out of the P lap after lap. I clipped my pedal on one lap hard enough to un-clip my foot and barely save it. Thanks to whomever I bounced off of to stay upright. Nearly 40 sprints later and I was fried, waving the white flag and happy to be driving home with all the felsh I traveled down with.

I'm begining to think the suffer face is the only face I know: