Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Hot Hot

Gettting ready to head down to Modesto and it is going to be 109. Damn.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twilight #4 Ferntucky Raceway

Huge shocker as tuesday rolled around and the wind starts howling. Oh well, I grabbed a six pack of keystone light, loaded up the 78 el camino and headed out to ferntucky. I love the opportunity to race on a closed course prefect pavement car track so no matter what the conditions are I'll go. I was the first guy there followed shortly after by Nate from truckee. If I just raced the Gila like Nate I wouldn't even look at the bike for another week or so, such a tough looking race.

I started my warm up and hit the hill for the first time straight into the head wind. Suck. Rolled back to the start after about 40 minutes of kite surfing in the wind and ready to roll. The distance from Reno and the wind kept the field small to about 20 guys. I wanted to get a break going early so was very aggressive in the first two laps. After i tried about a dozen failed attacks/bridges Bubba finally countered and was slightly up the road just before the hill. I bridged up to him and Nate quickly followed. We worked together and the gap grew. With Bubba in the group I knew Clover would let it go. On the final lap neither Nate or I wanted to drag bubba to the line so we attacked the hill and got a gap. Touch and go till the last corner as Bubba valiantly tried to get back on terms but we stayed away and I took the sprint thanks to Nate still being a little fried from Gila.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Twilight series rd #3 Geiger HCTT

I have mentioned it before and will again, I hate climbing. It was hella windy and a little chilly but I decided to go take my beating anyway. I went out too hard(like always) and just about exploded 14 minutes into. After settling in to a more reasonable pace it was hard but tolerable. Fortunately for me all the skinny little climbers stayed home and I was able to take 2 minutes off my best time and add about 35w from my previous best for the win. Top three were all over 165lbs. Go fat guy power :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I hate climbing

So last Tuesday was a chilly first Boca RR of the season and you could tell people weren't killing it just yet. All last season I would get dropped hard or just gaped off by the top of the wall. This time while I did have a nice 40w increase over last years best I went over the kom first and had Jeremy 5 seconds behind and the majority of the pack about 20 behind him. Huh? Well I grouped up with Jeremy and we stayed away till the end. This week is the Geiger hill climb and oh how I despise that race. I hate climbing. If that isn't bad enough the race this weekend is Berkeley Hills RR and it isn't tremendous climbs(short power hills) but the pace will be relentless. No fun but good training.