Monday, February 11, 2008

Flu 1 Me 0

So the Flu won the first round. Just couldn't pedal for long enough to justify 7 hours worth of driving to go to cherry pie. The bug still isn’t gone but getting better. Doc now has me taking zythromax instead, no wonder they call it a practice.

On the bright side I did get out for a bit today in the sun with no knee warmers or arm warmers (always a good sign in February). Threw in some form sprint to see if my lungs would hold out and they did. 5 sprints more focused on repeatability rather than maximal power. 1 max power sprint as an ego check has me sitting around 18.5w/kg for 5 sec power, which I am very happy with given current state of training and the bug. I'm headed to Santa Rosa for two crits this weekend and then a mini camp in Mendocino the following. Should be fun if I can get healthy by then.

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