Monday, February 18, 2008

Norland Crit. Breakaway fiesta

Raced the Norland Crit this weekend and for the Nor-Calers it is the same course as Apple pie last year. It was a chilly 40 something degrees and foggy at the start. My first race of the day was the 3/4 crit and a healthy field of 60 something riders given there was several other races going on this weekend.

Pace was mild for most of the race. I had the goal of just sitting in and riding it out since I have still been sick for two weeks now. About 25 minutes in I looked up the road and saw another Reno local who is very strong had rolled off the front and the pack let him go. I decided to go for it knowing he was more than strong enough to stay away if I got up there clear.
Bridged up to him and were holding about 10 seconds with 2 laps to go when they stopped the race due to a crash. They told us they would restart us with an 8 second lead and 2 laps to go. Great. It was off like a gun and drill it for the last two laps to hold off a fresh group. Stayed away and got out sprinted at the end for 2nd. Picked up 5 more point toward an upgrade.

35+ended in a 5 man break away

2/3 Break away lasted till the last lap. Ended up 15-20 or so in this one.

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