Monday, September 29, 2008

Interbike crits.

Ending the season without a result but with my skin
In the 2/3 race there were just 20 finishers of 80 on the start list. Some of this was due to pulled riders not being placed but most of that was from crashes. I got absolutely destroyed by the heat(94 degrees at the start and baking asphalt) and tried one break off the front that didn't go anywhere. I just rode it in for 15 happy to stay upright.

The Industry cup was thankfully smaller than last year at 60ish(100+ last year). The guys that did the race last year said it was better this year cause people actually belonged there instead of the guy who races his bike one a year just showing up. That didn't stop the crashes though. On the very first lap, very first turn, a group of guys smacks the barrier and goes down splitting the field. I get in a group of 10 or so and we try to chase back on. A couple guys drop off and it is down to a group of 6 chasing a group of 30. The time gaps hold roughly the same every lap at 40 seconds to the front and 14 seconds to the tail of the main group. I don't think we are going to catch them but I really don't want to stop. One of the chasers clips a pedal and takes another guy out and now we are 4. Finally we get pulled with 6 laps to go still with the same time gap. I'm a little bummed they didn't let us ride it out since we weren't losing time and wont get lapped. Oh well, at least I left with all skin attached which is more than about 100 other guys can say.

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Steve Weixel said...

Skin is important. More important than a placing. My boss told me today when he saw my broken collarbone, "I'm glad you're alive".