Monday, June 9, 2008

District TT and the HealthNet rocket

Goal for the race sub 55 minutes.

Yesterday was the District time trial for the Northern Califonia/Nevada area in Sattley Ca which is about 25 miles north-west of truckee. Driving to the start I was already writing this off after looking at the start list containing a plethora of Cat1's and a Pro. The temp on the dash read 30 degrees on the drive there adding to my less than enthusiastic start to the day. I was racing the elite mens's open since there wasn't a E3 catagory. Arrive, setup, get number and get ready. The Temp warmed to a tropical 50 degrees(those crack pot scientists and there global warming claims can suck it) and up to a tollerable 57 by my start.

I tried to pace off my power meter and not go out to hard which I am notorius for doing. It was a slight head wind on the way out and tailwind comming back. Just before the turn around the guy starting a minute and a half back of me Roman Kluin caught me and passed. Damn pros. He would eventually put the stick beating to the whole field and 3 minutes on me in route to setting a new course record.

My steed was an uber slick borrowed P3C that I had been riding for about a week and did the cold springs TT on so I though I had it dialed in. Turns out I didn't. Around mile 19 my inner thighs were blazing and my calves cramped. Pedaled through but it hurt really bad. Final time was 52:26 for 6th. It was 5 minutes faster than my time from last year and 13 minutes faster than the year before but I still wanted to atleast get in the top 5 so I'm not exactly stoked about the result.

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