Tuesday, December 16, 2008

9 fricken degrees

That's right, when I got in my car this morning and looked at the temp it was 9 degrees. I surveyed the Reno landscape blanketed in a frosty white coat of suck and thought "boy those bay area guys really have it rough with there 55 degrees and rain". Oh, you have to strap fenders on to get your 5 hour ride in, boo hoo. I'm limited to however long I can ride the rollers before wanting to ram my head into the wall from the boredom. I know the early season is going to suck and racing will be my training. Ehh, should be good by mid-season though.

On the brighter side the team is looking good for next year. A couple of guys that rip in crits, a skinny climber type, me being pack fodder :) and a youngin from Davis. Can't wait.

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