Monday, April 14, 2008

So Close yet so far. Bye Bye 2 upgrade

Madera Stage Race:
Stage 1 tt:
Felt like crud and the heat was really getting to me. It was a really drastic change coming from low 40's to mid 80's at the start. I had two other teammates in the 3's and I knew one was going to rip up the TT and one wasn't. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do. I knocked my power sensor as I was rolling to the start so I didn't have power or cadence just speed. I went out to hard and was sitting on about 30.5 mph on the first leg. I somewhat popped and struggled to hold 26-27 for the rest. As This was a VeloPromo race we wouldn't find out results till 9pm that night but I knew we had at least 2 guys in the top 5.

Stage 2 crit:
Goal was to keep it together and chase/up the pace as needed, wait for the TT results. Pack finish and no gaps.

TT results are in
Teammate in 1st and I'm in 4th on GC

Stage 3 RR: Let the Suck begin!!!!!
All I had to do was finish with the pack to get my GC placing and my points needed for 2 upgrade. I get a flat in the first 10 miles. The third teammate gives up a wheel and I'm off again. Back to the TT position and chase my way back on. Round the corner at about 15 seconds back and hear that familiar sound. PPPSSSSSSSSSSSS. Second rear flat and no wheel support. Bye Bye GC and Points. Only positive was my teammate held on for the GC win.

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Bob Dopolina said...


That's one...errr, two flats I'd be really pissed about. I'd like to say it part of racing but it just sucks.

Sounds like you're on form. Hope you can hold it to the next opportunity comes.