Monday, July 28, 2008

Carson Valley Classic crit.

Downtown Minden, NV with perfect tarmac, wide course and not tech at all. I figured it was going to stay together and be a bunch sprint(which I hate) but fortune smiled upon me and the wind started blowing just before the start. About 20 minutes in to the 45 minute race a couple attacks had gone and no one really chased but they all came back. The pace was brisk but not super hard when Heath attacked and opened a little gap. I knew he has been riding strong after yesterday so I bridged up to him. I had another friend in the pack and he said as soon as I went the chase was instant. I got a gap and the pack started to close holding about 10-15 seconds. Heath didn't want to waste anymore energy and went back. I continued on solo while they chased. Stayed away for the remaining 25 minute solo and crossed the line about a minute up. It hurt but very satisfying after all the effort.

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