Monday, June 15, 2009

@#!$% time trials

1 sinus infection + 2 long(ish) Time trials= a whole lotta suck.

Dunlap TT:
Went out WAY to hard into the head wind at about 120% of threshold and blew sky high 30 minutes into it. Suffered through the last almost 12 minutes for 10th but had to even ride sitting up on the base bar for a bit, no bueno.

Doing the quasimodo sitting, hunched up and gasping for air.

District TT:
Poppin antibiotics all week trying to kick the bug before Tour de Nez, I'm going to skip it, I'm going to skip it, I'm going to skip it. I wore up at 5:30 loaded the car and went to sattley. I hurt within minutes. I went out to hard again but backed it off a little quicker this time. Suffered through for 7th in the elite men's open but 30 seconds slower than last year and less watts.

Oh well, 1 more local crit on tuesday and then 4 days of suffering with the Nez and Nevada City. Good times.

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