Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ok lets get caught up real quick:

Cold Springs TT(14 mile)-
The Tuesday night race this week was a TT and I haven't ridden my tt bike in a month. Thunder storms and rain kept it interesting but where it was time to go the roads were dry, wind free and awesome. It went pretty damn good and my power was right there. Set a new course record by about half a minute but it hurt very badly. Just after the finish it started pouring again.

Golden State/Spring Hill RR-
No comment, these races never happened and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Auburn crit-
Like a mini Nevada City, epic and sketchy at the same time. Oh the pain. Lots of suffering and I got popped off with about 8 top go on the climb but Joe hung in there to take third. Gerlach solo'd about half the race for the win.

Folsom Crit-
Again Gerlach(and Sayers) was the main protagonist in the race and i was very close to getting the most aggressive rider away. I just couldn't seem to get the right makeup for a break to stick. Joe finished strong in a bunch sprint for 4th.

Modesto RR-
Attacks went right away but without us so we had to do a nice TTT to bring it back and Aaron made it into the winning break of the day. He finished 6th but fellow reno hommie Jermey Holdway took the win, nice.

Modesto Crit-
Attacked right from the gun and Clif Bar was great at getting in anything. Gerlach brought back a couple breaks before the winning break went away. It had JD in it and he took the win. Awesome.

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