Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rule#1 Dont get dropped from the break (Merced crit)

Well, Don't get dropped from the break is actually the only rule that matters. I broke it.

Made a nice little 8 hour round trip drive to do the Merced crit last weekend. We had 5 guys in the race, Yahoo had 10. There was the usual mix of super strong singles and doubles out there as well like, Loader, Gerlach and Colin. For the first half of the race we covered/went with breaks and rode well. I flushed all that down the drain. I counter attacked when JD came back just to keep the pace high. Soon I was joined by 8 guys which comprised most all the horse power in teh field. I was so gassed from teh attack I couldn't pull through, an action Klein and his 3 yahoos didn't like. They gapped me off the back and it was only a matter of time before I was in limbo between the groups. Never break rule #1. knowing I was smoked I should have pulled the plug and headed back to the group to help the chase(covered by the other 6 yahoos). Oh well, live and learn. I lived and learned my fitness is crap right now. Sorry to my teammates.

Suffering in the break shortly, sporting up the ultra cool perscription radars though.

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