Thursday, March 11, 2010

One more weekend in scenic Merced

Merco Race weekend.

Merco TTT:
Got it handed to us

2 of us were sick and our 4th rider didn't start. The course was a rolling 20 miles which had a fair sized hill in the middle of it. Bissell pro cycling scorched the couse with an average speed over 31mph. We rode as well as we could have but the other teams were just stronger. Oh well.

Merco Gp:

Big field of 126 guys on a fairly tech course with lots of money on the line. How could this go wrong. Super fast from the gun and caught behind a couple crashes I was out from the gun. Something about this race gets me every time. I missed all the crashes and the only thing beat up was my pride. I really need more than a couple weeks back training before a beating like that.

Merco RR:
smart enough not to show up and make a trifecta.

From what I hear, BJM and a small groupo got off the front with 80 miles to go and BJM won. Some jack asses sprinting for 50th crashed in the last k. Dumbass.

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