Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twilight Series #1 Franktown ice TT

The first race of the twilight series started yesterday and in true Reno fashion it was 70 last weekend, almost 80 this weekend but yesterday saw wind, snow and temps in the low 30s. Prefect weather for a time trial ehhh.

The course is nice and quite with very little traffic. The outward leg is about 3 miles of flat to slight downhill followed by a right and rolling hills to the finish. With a tail wind on the way out I was humming along at 35+ to the turn. Needing to break for the turn I realized I cant feel my finger anymore. As I started to head into the wind and uphill I began to thaw out and felt like they were on fire. Suffer till the end and ended with a time of 16:49 I think which is good for the course but I wanted more. Oh well Next Tuesday is the aircenter crit.

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