Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Napa Gp

Why would we knowingly sign up for a course that is unanimously thought to be sketchy as hell and has tons of crashes, well, cause we(bike racers) are all a little twisted in the melon.

Napa GP is .8k with 5 turns and a funky 160 degree P turn which has plenty of extra coating by the end of the afternoon from all the fresh skin donations. A Time Pro took off on the 2nd lap never to be caught again and I was still trying to find my lungs from a recent illness. It was fast but not crazy, the real damage was sprinting out of the P lap after lap. I clipped my pedal on one lap hard enough to un-clip my foot and barely save it. Thanks to whomever I bounced off of to stay upright. Nearly 40 sprints later and I was fried, waving the white flag and happy to be driving home with all the felsh I traveled down with.

I'm begining to think the suffer face is the only face I know:

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