Friday, January 9, 2009

3 weeks to go

With just 3 weeks till the first real race of the season(points/placing race) I decided to take a quick review of my training this year vs. last from October to new years day. I knew it was less but it is a solid 40% less than last year. Why? Well a bunch of things but that's not important. I have been focusing on being ready for what will be most of my racing, crits. Racing will definitely be my training this year or at least the first part of it. Kay serah, serah. On the bright side, all the team stuff is rolling in and we will be decked out by the end of the month. The Clif Bar salsa frames are en route and I hear the Capo gear is very nice. I picked up a set of 09 Mavic Carbone sl's and am itchin to start racing again. Pics to be added soon of the frames and kits.

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