Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Poor Blog, I've neglected you so...

Ha Ha whoops, 8 months since the last update. Slacker. We'll the road season came and went without much to report. Injury in the pre-season left me even more underpowered and out gunned than normal. I decided to build up a cross bike to try my had at the sufferfest know as cyclocross but the results were similar. Poor form and no bike handling skill equals a whole lotta frustration on my part.Don't get me wrong, cross is fantastic. The suffering is magnificent, the riding sketchy and on the edge and I love it! The racing on the other hand is uber is the frustrating part. Lining up againt guys you know couldn't even hold your wheel on the road and watching them just ride away then the bitter resentment when you see them again as they lap you while you are giving it 100% and not accomplishing squat. Arg. Glad the cross season is so short and I got that out of my system which brings me to the revival of the blog. 2011 road season is just around the corner.

I am staying with Clif Bar for another season(mainly cause no one else wants me :) ) and we have expanded the roster slightly while loosing a couple of great riders. Crazy tape Joe moved on and Nate Freed joined the newly formed Tahoe super squad which I don't think had a name yet. They are going to be Yahoo? esque in horepower and will hopefully do big things this year. As for us we are a crit team and look to remain that way this year.

New sponsors:
Cannondale (wohoo good bikes finally)
Easton (Wheels, bars, stem, post)
Bell (helmets)
Sram (group)
Capoforma (nicest damn kits out there)

enough for now, don't want to peak to soon. I'll try to actually update this thing more often now.

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