Tuesday, September 1, 2009

F@ck it's hot

Vacaville District Elite crit championship:
We had 5 guys in the race but Webcor showed up with more as did Cal. I wasn't feeling very good but was happy to flog my self for the cause(getting JD or Joe the win). An early break went and stayed out there nearly the whole time. It hovered around 10-15 seconds and wasn't really gaining. when the gap came down to about 10 seconds 40ish minutes in I went to the front just before the hill to hopfully get it close enough for JD to go across. BOOM. I exploded, it felt like someone filled my jersey with hot water and I just cooked, even got goosebump I started feeling so bad. I can to a near stop on the hill and pulled out. The break came back on the last lap and Ryan Parnes of Webcor made the right counter to take home the jersey.

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